Energy surcharge is bullshit

I get water delivery through water.com, and each month they tack on $2 for "energy surcharge."  I don't mean to single them out, but every time I see this it pisses me off, not just because of the $24/yr more I'm paying than their advertised price, but because this is scammy business practice that simply must stop.

Ever since the gas price spiked in the early-00s, companies with delivery fees have been adding this charge - which is fine, if you honestly believe adding this "surcharge" is necessary to cope with a temporary situation.  However, by now you should know exactly how much you need to charge to stay in business.  That means my water delivery bill should not show up as $25.99 and $2 surcharge, you should go ahead and fucking charge me $27.99 - and advertise this as your price.  The only reason companies would still have an adjustment/surcharge for an event from several years ago is either you are 1) incompetently slow to react to changes, or 2) unethically gouging me.  Which is it, water.com and a lot of other companies?

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