benjamin button

finally saw benjamin button. it was pretty decent but didn’t think it was worth all those awards and attention.



AM: http://punditkitchen.com/
HJ: oh yeah that was awesome i saw that on tv
HJ: carl edwards
HJ: is it bad that i know whose car that is AND know when that was?
HJ: that was about a month ago i think
HJ: talladega i think
AM: :I
AM: and u have already reproduced
AM: super


HJ: "KD is looking for young BD guy [on LinkedIn]."
HJ: ... to rape
JD: BD? what is BD?
HJ: business development
HJ: i think that's a fluff title that says i don't know shit, i don't do shit
JD: he just wants someone in development. Preferably open to ideas.
HJ: willing to be flexible
HJ: go the extra mile
JD: Some experience ideal, but not required. Willing to teach.
HJ: brown nosers a plus - literally, not figuratively
JD: Someone that sees the cup as half full.
HJ: someone willing to be ridden very hard, stay up all night long


star wars

just got done watching star wars 1-6 on mtv (dvr-ed of course), and it reminded me of the band lock-in in high school in 1998 or 1999. can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

kia soul

ooh also hate that kia soul commercial with the three squirrels. maybe i should start a blog just about commercials i hate and why



rooted the android last weekend, and now i can tether it to my laptop! worked like a charm on the bart, though by the time i got to work, the phone was hot as hell and my battery was down to <50%.


more commercials i hate

that orbits “big pak” commercial bothers me on so many levels

also, this one is old, but the microsoft commercial with that kid with a weird accent making some lion video makes me want to punch the kid in the face


Wailua Wheat Ale

wailua wheat ale - got me some of these from whole food today. pretty good and wheat-y. it’s what’s for breakfast


Biked today

59’16” total
10.83 mi total
10.98 mph avg
19.01 mph max

R on Stoneridge
R on Gibraltar
L on Hacienda
R on Las Positas
R on Hopyard
R on Gibraltar
R on Willow
L on Stoneridge
R on Santa Rita
U on Main
L on Valley
R on Hopyard
R on Las Positas
L on Stoneridge


starting to like tumblr ok

and a chat log that has nothing to do with the title of this post:

Matt: http://www.thestate.com/local/story/785432.html
Matt: great photo
HJ: yeesh
Matt: who's got two thumbs and is the next supreme court justice: THIS GAL
Matt: his name can't be said alone


wootofftime! bought something from woot for the first time. a rechargeable led flash light… boring


Filling out my N400… hopefully I’ll be a citizen before my birthday, but more practically, I’m shooting for end of the year

(edit on 2008-10-06: interview was in september, now waiting on my (hopefully) approval letter!)


commercials i like

Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Lincoln commercials in general - they have some great songs

p.s. oh and the heineken commercial with biz markie


sharing the hate

New shows coming out that I already hate:

  • HawthoRNe

  • Royal Pains



almost done with HanGeulider… I need to clean up the help text and possibly update the icon. Officially 1 week behind schedule now.

(edit on 2008-10-06: make that 5 months behind schedule)

not switching to typo

my brief flirtation with typo is over just as fast as it began… My 4-year old box just can’t handle it and I kinda need it to stay up and feed me BART and weather info 24/7… guess I’m sticking with Tumblr for now