here we go again (re-re-re-reinstalling OSX)

Because I didn’t read this Friday I ended up reinstalling Snow Leopard and Leopard each about 2-3 times, and now I’m re-re-re-installing OSX.  Chronicling the process once again:


23:00 installed OSX. MacPorts & QuickSilver were the first to be installed, and immediately disabled Spotlight.

23:30 Firefox, Thunderbird (haven’t decided if I’d use this), WebKit, VLC, Google notifier, console fonts, iphone SDK+xcode were next


08:50 downloaded my dev folder from Richard’s dev machine. coudln’t untar my App folder, probably privacy issue, oh well.

09:00 Adium

09:30 Transmission, Handbrake - I always get these two confused. Good thing I drive automatic.

10:00 MacVim

10:30 Aptana

11:30 sudo port install git-core +svn (took forEVER!)

12:00 installed Opera (for Alex’s facebook)

12:30 sudo port install mysql5-server-devel (also taking forever)

12:50 sudo port install mongrel

13:00 off to IHOP!

14:00 back!

14:30 sudo env ARCHFLAGS=”-arch i386” (not sure if this is necessary)

14:31 sudo gem install mysql — —with-mysql-config=/opt/local/bin/mysql_config5 (Hmm that’s not working!)

14:35 sudo port install rb-rubygems

14:40 Walmart run!

15:30 replaced bike tire tube

15:40 sudo port install rvm (just for the hell of it)

15:55 sudo gem install rubygems-update

16:00 sudo port install rb-rail

20:00 ok after tackling this and goofing off, figured out I needed to set up launchd and restart the machine, now mysql seems to be working.

21:20 done with dinner… I think I’m done now. messing around with vim colors now

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