HP MediaSmart issue with Snow Leopard

I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I had to reinstall OSX several times was to try to access my time machine off of the HP MediaSmart.  After speaking with HP’s tech support, it was suggested the problem had something to do with the newest Leopard (and subsequently Snow Leopard) doing something that HP’s software didn’t like.  This was a bit odd, as I was at one point able to install the HP software with Leopard 10.5.5 (I think).

Anyway, if anyone runs into a problem where they can’t connect to the time machine using HP’s software, this will resolve the issue:

  1. Using Remote Desktop (from Microsoft)…

  2. Go to the /Mac directory

  3. Copy the —-.macbackup file into an accessible directory (I used my user directory)

  4. Rename the file —-.dmg

  5. Close Remote Desktop connection

  6. Now open the dmg file to mount the file and it should be a sufficient work-around if you’re unable to get to the files in it otherwise.

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