Android upgrade

Finally getting around to upgrading my G1 to 1.6 Donut.  I'm really behind the curve since I never upgraded to 1.5 Cupcake! I'll be updating my progress as I go, starting right now around 12:30.  My goal is to finish before 2am

Update 00:36

Started backing up the current image using Nandroid, as recommended by the wiki. This was mostly brought on by the news of Android 2.0 coming out soon.

Update 00:46

Should I do a full wipe? Why not.

Update 01:02

Got distracted going through G1 pictures in iPhoto... first hiccup of the installation process - apparently my recovery utility (build JFv1.42) is so old Alt+A doesn't work as "install any zip file".  Since I had already wiped my phone, I had to find an SD card reader, rename the zip file as update.zip and now it seems to be going ok.

Update 01:11

Great, I was supposed to install both things... I don't think this will work, but I installed HTC's image first, and now I'm installing the modded one.  If this doesn't work I may have to install a different recovery utility.

Update 01:38

Ugh, things didn't go so well. I may need to go back to the original state with Nandroid.

Update 01:50

Ok, I see a new "android" loading screen, so a sigh of relief here. It's stuck at the HTC image, but at least it should boot up now and I should be able to install the better recovery utility from here and pick up from here tomorrow.

Update 03:09

Hell yeah, got it working! I now see the same Donut Android loading animation but with the cyanogenmod logo overlaid on the "o."  And now it's past 3am and I really should sleep. I'm going to wait a little while and install tethering software, then call it a night.

Update 03:20

Tethering software installed, and at 3:20, I'm calling it done: 2 hr 50 min. Going from 1.4 to 1.6, UI looks a lot smoother and just overall "nicer."  Can't wait to do this again for 2.0.

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