Android Hero

Feeling a little more ambitious after the map update... I really like how good Hero looks, but I just know it will run unbelievably slow on my G1.  I might get a better device next year and try upgrading then.

Google Map Navigation on my G1

Got Droid's new Google Map Navigation (thanks DennisF for the heads up!) on my G1.  It disabled my Google Voice again, but once I replaced my build.prop files with the old (1.6) ones (as opposed to the fake 2.0 ones), everything seems fine.


Test from iPod touch

Old-ish pic

Wow that's a really dithered picture. i wonder if that was iTunes or Posterous doing that. Probably iTunes.


My passport is supposed to arrive today.  Crazy that I ordered it just 9 days ago and it's ready.  If it weren't for Veterans' Day Wednesday, it would have been only 8 days.  Extremely impressive and efficient for a government branch - my only complaint is they didn't give me the tracking number for the USPS package I am to expect.



@hc5duke: developers: can we standardize the shortcut key for "redo"? i don't care if it's ctrl+shift+z or ctrl+y, we just need to pick one. like now.


Trip to Korea

It's a good thing I didn't apply for my passport at the citizenship oath ceremony, because we're going to Korea in 3 weeks. Tickets were so cheap it was too good to pass up - something like $570 + tax per person on United. We had to make trips to get Alex's birth certificate and apply for both our passports super-expedited.  Off to Seoul for Thanksgiving!





RN: hard drive failure
RN: on a raid 0 setup
HJ: raid 0 = no raid right?
RN: its raid, just no redundancy
BW: complete guide: http://www.ghen.be/raid.jpg
VP: RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
HC: the R in RAID is redundant... so it's more like AID
VP: so, not R
VP: there was one HD
VP: so, we're down to ID
VP: oh, there's an A
VP: so, AID it is
BW: Redundant Array of Broken, Inexpensive Disks