fall through case sucks

ugh just wasted an hour tracking down a bug (Objective-C), only to realize i left out a break statement between two case blocks. this ended up looping between the two cases.  i seem to recall someone telling me i should avoid switch statements at all cost, because it offers very little benefit (and these bugs are bound to happen). ruby got it right with their "when 1,2,3" style switch statements.

on a plus side, i found a royalty-free (donation based) music archive. has a pretty decent collection of reggae music, so i guess i'll be makin g a


updated choibean.com and grizzlypanda.com

switched choibean as i wrote before, and made the whole site a little less crummy. even hooked up posterous to a /blog directory.

deploying with heroku has been a lot nicer than just messing with code in the production machine, even if it's for a small personal site. maybe once coolcurlings takes off we'll start paying heroku :-p



checked in bartCheater on GitHub. basically useless to anyone other than myself, but it tells you what reverse-flow train you can take and until what station so you can get a seat on the BART. It runs on Sinatra w/ Prototype, and optimized for my Android G1.  It's my first project running Sinatra since tinkering with pinkyurl. Also trying Heroku for the first time and setting it all up was pretty easy.  i set up CoolCurlings.com on Heroku as well, and might switch ChoiBean.com into a Sinatra project on Heroku as well.


uptime 100 days!

start mongrel on reboot

[/etc/init.d] $ cat curling-site.sh
kill -9 `cat /(blah)/curling/tmp/pids/mongrel.pid`
rm /(blah)/curling/tmp/pids/mongrel.pid
cd /(blah)/curling/
/(blah)/curling/script/server -d -p300
[/etc/init.d] $ update-rc.d script_name defaults


tramp stamp

[redacted] just overheard female coworker talking about her tattoo...
[redacted] tramp stamp location
[redacted] well, she's a big football fan, USC specifically
[redacted] picture of a football and it says COCKS