Ruby WTF

ruby-1.8.7-p249 > ("0.29".to_f * 100).to_i
 => 28 

-_- I expect this from JavaScript, but et tu, Ruby?

Come on!


Initial thoughts on the G2


  • Good form factor -- the keyboard snaps open/closed easier than on the G1.  The screen is large, but the device itself isn't too much bigger or heavier than the G1.
  • The physical keyboard is bigger and no longer has that bulky thing on the right side like in the G1.
  • ZOMG 4G!! Getting close to 6mbps down on a phone is pretty ridiculous.
  • Swype is pretty cool, but nowhere near good enough to replace the physical keyboard.
  • Battery life seems ok, drained about 20% after 2 hours, but I was re-downloading apps or otherwise using it fairly heavily during this time.
  • (edit) I am loving this "www. / .com" button

  • Bloatware that I can't uninstall. What is this, CompuServe on a Compaq from 1995? (Offenders: Amazon MP3, Photobucket, Web2Go) Once I get CyanogenMod on this baby this won't be a problem any more... which leads me to the biggest con...
  • Rootkit preventing me from rooting my phone. In @cyanogen we believe...
  • Touchscreen still has that "laggy" feeling
  • Keyboard only has 4 rows. I caved in and bought this even though I really wanted a phone with a numeric row...
  • Still no way to screen-capture :(
  • I wish the four physical keys (home, menu, back, search) were physical buttons, instead of glass with haptic feedback.
  • No in-browser SVG support
Et cetera:
The keyboard comes with 3 "quick keys" that you can assign to open apps.  I wish I could map one of these to be another ALT button - there are two already on the phone, but the quick keys are located where the ALT button used to be on my G1. Maybe I'll just get used to this keyboard.

Suck it, everyone who doesn't have 4G

5847 kbps down, 1335 kbps up, 69ms ping
See that "H" there?
P.S. Damn, 2 kbps away from 1337 upload speed


HTC G2 order placed!


zomg tmobile i <3 you. i still have about 6 months left in my contract.


It's alive!

Hooked up Tapjoy virtual goods store and offer wall to Cool Curlings LITE. Now you can upgrade your game all for free!


DailyJS: Hosting Node Apps

(note to self) DailyJS: Hosting Node Apps: "apt-get install sudo vim-nox nginx unzip g screen git-core monit"


Citizen’s guide to fancy pants coffee drinks

Citizen’s guide to fancy pants coffee drinks: "

In the same spirit of the original coffee drink infographic from a few years ago, Plaid Creative describes the perfect pour, or as I like to call it, the citizen's guide to fancy pants coffee drinks. At its root, its a series of pie charts where each wedge represents the percentage of ingredient in a given fancy pants drink. But the subtle stylings make it look so much more delicious, from the pattern fills out to the mug-like border.

[via thisisnthappiness]



ooh had an earthquake dream last night too

Um, Earthquake Today? [sfist.com]
We're not in the habit of following earthquake prediction websites and such, but we feel like the collective consciousness around town has been buzzing a bit about earthquakes since that little one last week, and this guy at QuakePrediction.com is now really freaking our shit out. He's calling that baby 3.5er a foreshock for "the coming 6.0 to 7.0 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area July 28."



New job

Started this week at Tapjoy. The work's been fun so far, but one thing has impressed me for sure: Googlers sure know how to run a startup. Free lunch every day, my macbook pro has 8gb of ram and ssd. This should be fun.

is twitter censoring fake steve jobs?

Here's a tweet I retweeted from @ceoSteveJobs:

But where is it in his twitter stream?



switching to blogger

decided to switch from posterous to blogger. feels very old-school. it's improved vastly since the last time i used it (~2004?), but it is definitely still possible to make it very ugly. hopefully i've avoided that here.


Goodbye posterous

Having a "hey everyone, switch to us" campaign is great and all, but the way you're doing it is simply awful.  This isn't "unbridled ambition," this is you guys being a dick.  This is my last post on posterous, I'll be switching to something else this weekend.  It's too bad, posterous was the first half-decent blogging platform I found.


bosh, bron, bulls, bears, beets, battlestar galactica

mjp280: bulls is going to happen
mjp280: bosh
mjp280: bron
mjp280: bulls
mjp280: bears
choilaptop: beets
mjp280: battlestar galactica


Trash of the Titans

Where do I sign up to run for Sanitation Commissioner?

Oh and that pile will remain there until they return our garbage bin.


This Indian nutrition fact contains 100% daily value of bullshit

I got a "chikki" from an Indian grocery the other day, it's basically crushed peanuts, sugar, and "liquid glucose".  I noticed something weird in the nutrition facts section - it claimed 35g of saturated fat is 5% of DV, whereas 40g of total fat is 10% DV.  Ignoring the fact that 400g is a shitload of fat*, it still doesn't make sense, since they are essentially claiming that you should get 400g of fat daily, and 700g of that should be saturated!  So I took a side-by-side picture with (American) whole milk, and this is what I got:

Now, it's possible that the 40g is a mistake and they meant 40 calories like it says on top -- but that's also complete bullshit.  Assuming 40 calories, this snack contains 4-5g of fat, which would be around 6-7% of DV - Nowhere near 10%.  Following the same ratio of 40g:35.5g, it should contain about 3-4g of saturated fat, which is 15-20% of DV, not 5% - again bullshit.

Another approach: typically, you can roughly estimate the caloric value with (4.5*Carb + 4*Protein + 9*Fat).  25g of protein + 40g of carbs = 280 calories.  Where the hell does that 568 calories number even come from?  568 - 280 = 288 calories, or about 32 grams of fat.  Wait, this actually might make sense.  But I still call bullshit, because the snack item was brittle, and there is no way this thing contains 50% DV of fat just from peanuts.

My guess is the entire thing was made up and nobody ever bothered to check the math.  Great job, customs!

* It even lists at the bottom 65-80g is the recommended DV!


Dear Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic - a simple request

A simple request to TV manufacturers (and media providers): I don't want a 3D TV.  Instead, this is what I want:

1) I want to watch sporting events, let's say basketball, with multiple camera views that I can control.
2) I want widgets floating on top of the feed, where I can display box scores, latests stats, and other game scores of interest
3) I want to write widgets, preferably with a framework with proven track record, e.g. Android or iPhone (ok that's very unlikely)
4) I want widgets hovering over players' heads, displaying points, rebounds, fouls, etc.  Like old school NBA Live player names + fatigue meter

5) I want those stats completely customizable - I want to know how many minutes Boozer has played vs his typical minutes at this particular time in the game, averaged out for the last 3 seasons.

Did I say simple? Fuck it, just have EA show me all replays with NBA Live.


site redesign with jquery masonry


now pulls from twitter, posterous, google reader, mog, and flickr. some of them more forcefully than others. jquery masonry is pretty cool

damn, makes me want to redesign my site.

Woah, looks awesome.


coconut executioner

After my failed attempt to open a coconut last year, which ended with my favorite steak knife being rendered useless, I decided to give it another go.  Armed with better knowledge and better equipment, I took another whack at it, and succeeded!  This is my first attempt with a cleaver from Ranch 99, which took about 10 hits.  The second try only took 4 -- typically at Vik's Chaat, they can open it in 3 swings.

time to re-retire choilaptop (migrating to vps.net)

Comcast changed my IP again (third time already this year I think), and choilaptop has been acting up more frequently... I was trying to decide between linode and vps.net (both $20/mo for comparable entry-level linux vps node) and decided on vps.net after trying their $1/day service.  I wasn't 100% certain on either one being better, but after trying out vps.net for 1 day I was sure this is exactly what I wanted.  So now choibean.com, grizzlypanda.com, coolcurlings.com, odellchoi.com, and lucidtree.com all go through Forever. No more changing A-record on godaddy. Yay!

I haven't really decided what I want to do with the old Dell laptop.  In September, it wil be  exactly 6 years old, so it's passed its life expectancy by 50% already - and I actually used it as my main computer until late-2008 (when I started at Swivel).  The hard disk is going through SMART failure, which is apparently unrecoverable, the wifi doesn't really work, and the battery has been dead for a while... The LCD is fairly new, as it was replaced 3 years ago, so maybe I can do something with it at some point... I thought about hooking it up to an Android device but without a touchscreen that would suck.  For now, shutting it down.  Anyone want a 5.5 year old laptop with a 5-minute battery life?


new car (woot backposting)

Sally has been declared dead by Amica, and they decided to pay me for a new car. Woot I guess... we took advantage of this and got a larger car that can actually accomodate a car seat.  We were mainly looking at the Ford Edge and the Ford Flex.  Both were very roomy, and had the same engine, but the Flex comes with a better interior and 2 extra seats for not much more.  After dealing with two awful dealerships in San Leandro and Livermore, we got the car we wanted at Sunnyvale Ford.  The Flex really is a nice car, but it does get lousy gas mileage (24/17, or 2 more than the Mustang), and sales apparently have been slow.  We were able to get this one for about $800 under invoice, and with all the incentives, we ended up getting it for about $7,000 below sticker, just slightly over $30,000, which was roughly our budget, taking into account the insurance settlement figures.

p.s. writing this 4/17 but will be back-dating this 3/21 (zomg we beat Cal today!), because i can!


Indian coke

Got "Thumbs Up" at Vik's Chaat, thinking it's a cola beverage made from real sugar (like the Mexican coke). Turns out it's still made from high fructose corn syrup... booo.


Chaat Challenge #2. Dahi Batata Puri

This was a little better - fried dough + yogurt + chutney.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn't really that much different from the dahi papdi chaat.  The later puri ones in the menu look a little better, maybe I should skip ahead to those first.


Chaat Challenge begins! (#1. Dahi Papdi Chaat)

Ok, not really a food challenge per se, but I wanted to try every item on the menu at Vik's Chaat Corner, located about 1/2 mile from work (no, not all at once).  I went with the #1 lunch special, which was Dahi Papdi Chaat.  Basically garbanzo beans + potatoes + spices, with yogurt + tamarind chutney + mint chutney from what I can tell.  I didn't particularly like it, but it wasn't bad either, especially for $5.xx.  I thought it was a little dry, only to realize that I was supposed to mix in the yogurt in the bowl.  Hoping tomorrow's dish is a little better.

P.S. Bonus points if someone can guess what book is under my keyboard.


Sally needs a reconstructive surgery


I was rear-ended on my way home last Friday - like the statistics say, it happened less than 5 miles away from home.  I was hoping to get the geolocation of the accident via my tweet, but it looks like Twidroid decided not to do it.  It was what I would describe as a garden-variety rear-end collision, and with the other driver admitting fault, things went fairly smoothly.  The only thing I have to pay out of pocket right now is about $6/day for a rental car, which I was told will be reimbursed by the other driver.  Even with everything going smoothly, it's still a pain in the ass to figure everything out, from calling both insurance companies several times, picking a body shop, and getting a rental car that sucks.  The whole thing was also complicated by the fact that the accident happened on a Friday, and none of these people work over the weekend.

They haven't told me what the estimate is, but I'm told it's under 15 grand (good thing I'm not paying for it)... and currently the estimate is 2-3 weeks of work.  Working from home was kinda nice these last 3 days, but it'

Fuck, just realized I left my BART parking permit in the car.  Good thing parkingcarma.com allows me to change the car and print a new permit easily.  Probably a bad practice in terms of security, but whatever.


iPad beta SDK cannot compile iPhone apps for distribution

Learned this the hard way... if you upgrade your Xcode to the iPad beta (iphone_sdk_3.2_beta_with_xcode_3.2.2.dmg), you cannot compile iPhone projects in distribution mode, even if you set the target device to 3.0/3.1.  I'm not 100% certain what build configuration flag is causing this to fail, but it compiles just fine in my other configurations.  I just downgraded my Xcode to the latest non iPad version (iphone_sdk_3.1.3_with_xcode_3.2.1__snow_leopard__10m2003a) to confirm this. And to think I blamed this on OSX migration (which caused other equally brain-melting experiences, but I digress)...

Die Xcode Die

I swear Xcode has wasted tens of hours of my productivity... I will probably need to allocate 5 hours or so tomorrow night to reinstall OSX on this computer.  I hate you Apple user migration tools.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me three times, fuck you.


Energy surcharge is bullshit

I get water delivery through water.com, and each month they tack on $2 for "energy surcharge."  I don't mean to single them out, but every time I see this it pisses me off, not just because of the $24/yr more I'm paying than their advertised price, but because this is scammy business practice that simply must stop.

Ever since the gas price spiked in the early-00s, companies with delivery fees have been adding this charge - which is fine, if you honestly believe adding this "surcharge" is necessary to cope with a temporary situation.  However, by now you should know exactly how much you need to charge to stay in business.  That means my water delivery bill should not show up as $25.99 and $2 surcharge, you should go ahead and fucking charge me $27.99 - and advertise this as your price.  The only reason companies would still have an adjustment/surcharge for an event from several years ago is either you are 1) incompetently slow to react to changes, or 2) unethically gouging me.  Which is it, water.com and a lot of other companies?


Blast from the Past

Looking through old pictures, I found this from 2002-03-09

At Swivel I used to pass by this place a few times a month, on the way to the Ferry building for lunch.  I don't have that sweatshirt anymore, but I'm thinking about buying a new one and taking a 8-years-apart picture sometime in March.  That should be fun.

Also, I miss fishing.

Comments from Posterous

Visnu Pitiyanuvath: wow, skinny

Hwan-Joon Choi: damn why does everyone keep saying that. i was probably like 165lb back then, 180lb now... web 2.0 free food 15 lb

Visnu Pitiyanuvath: maybe it's the bulky sweatshirt hiding your bulky 165 lbs.


note to self: languages to learn

delayed new year's resolution learn these languages/platforms this year:
  • python
  • haskell
  • erlang
  • xna, ps3 platforms
  • lua


postfix set up!

Trying to set up an email account at grizzlypanda.com so I can add it to LinkedIn... I was finally able to set up postfix on choibean.com (same apache instance), hopefully adding grizzlypanda should be easy.  I mostly followed the directions on linode.com while making some minor adjustments.  I also had to make changes to my MX record but I'm not 100% sure if that was necessary.  If this was a real full time job I think it may have been worth just paying $10/yr GoDaddy email account, but at least I learned something (kinda).