Sally needs a reconstructive surgery


I was rear-ended on my way home last Friday - like the statistics say, it happened less than 5 miles away from home.  I was hoping to get the geolocation of the accident via my tweet, but it looks like Twidroid decided not to do it.  It was what I would describe as a garden-variety rear-end collision, and with the other driver admitting fault, things went fairly smoothly.  The only thing I have to pay out of pocket right now is about $6/day for a rental car, which I was told will be reimbursed by the other driver.  Even with everything going smoothly, it's still a pain in the ass to figure everything out, from calling both insurance companies several times, picking a body shop, and getting a rental car that sucks.  The whole thing was also complicated by the fact that the accident happened on a Friday, and none of these people work over the weekend.

They haven't told me what the estimate is, but I'm told it's under 15 grand (good thing I'm not paying for it)... and currently the estimate is 2-3 weeks of work.  Working from home was kinda nice these last 3 days, but it'

Fuck, just realized I left my BART parking permit in the car.  Good thing parkingcarma.com allows me to change the car and print a new permit easily.  Probably a bad practice in terms of security, but whatever.


iPad beta SDK cannot compile iPhone apps for distribution

Learned this the hard way... if you upgrade your Xcode to the iPad beta (iphone_sdk_3.2_beta_with_xcode_3.2.2.dmg), you cannot compile iPhone projects in distribution mode, even if you set the target device to 3.0/3.1.  I'm not 100% certain what build configuration flag is causing this to fail, but it compiles just fine in my other configurations.  I just downgraded my Xcode to the latest non iPad version (iphone_sdk_3.1.3_with_xcode_3.2.1__snow_leopard__10m2003a) to confirm this. And to think I blamed this on OSX migration (which caused other equally brain-melting experiences, but I digress)...

Die Xcode Die

I swear Xcode has wasted tens of hours of my productivity... I will probably need to allocate 5 hours or so tomorrow night to reinstall OSX on this computer.  I hate you Apple user migration tools.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me three times, fuck you.