Dear Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic - a simple request

A simple request to TV manufacturers (and media providers): I don't want a 3D TV.  Instead, this is what I want:

1) I want to watch sporting events, let's say basketball, with multiple camera views that I can control.
2) I want widgets floating on top of the feed, where I can display box scores, latests stats, and other game scores of interest
3) I want to write widgets, preferably with a framework with proven track record, e.g. Android or iPhone (ok that's very unlikely)
4) I want widgets hovering over players' heads, displaying points, rebounds, fouls, etc.  Like old school NBA Live player names + fatigue meter

5) I want those stats completely customizable - I want to know how many minutes Boozer has played vs his typical minutes at this particular time in the game, averaged out for the last 3 seasons.

Did I say simple? Fuck it, just have EA show me all replays with NBA Live.


site redesign with jquery masonry


now pulls from twitter, posterous, google reader, mog, and flickr. some of them more forcefully than others. jquery masonry is pretty cool

damn, makes me want to redesign my site.

Woah, looks awesome.


coconut executioner

After my failed attempt to open a coconut last year, which ended with my favorite steak knife being rendered useless, I decided to give it another go.  Armed with better knowledge and better equipment, I took another whack at it, and succeeded!  This is my first attempt with a cleaver from Ranch 99, which took about 10 hits.  The second try only took 4 -- typically at Vik's Chaat, they can open it in 3 swings.

time to re-retire choilaptop (migrating to vps.net)

Comcast changed my IP again (third time already this year I think), and choilaptop has been acting up more frequently... I was trying to decide between linode and vps.net (both $20/mo for comparable entry-level linux vps node) and decided on vps.net after trying their $1/day service.  I wasn't 100% certain on either one being better, but after trying out vps.net for 1 day I was sure this is exactly what I wanted.  So now choibean.com, grizzlypanda.com, coolcurlings.com, odellchoi.com, and lucidtree.com all go through Forever. No more changing A-record on godaddy. Yay!

I haven't really decided what I want to do with the old Dell laptop.  In September, it wil be  exactly 6 years old, so it's passed its life expectancy by 50% already - and I actually used it as my main computer until late-2008 (when I started at Swivel).  The hard disk is going through SMART failure, which is apparently unrecoverable, the wifi doesn't really work, and the battery has been dead for a while... The LCD is fairly new, as it was replaced 3 years ago, so maybe I can do something with it at some point... I thought about hooking it up to an Android device but without a touchscreen that would suck.  For now, shutting it down.  Anyone want a 5.5 year old laptop with a 5-minute battery life?