Dear Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic - a simple request

A simple request to TV manufacturers (and media providers): I don't want a 3D TV.  Instead, this is what I want:

1) I want to watch sporting events, let's say basketball, with multiple camera views that I can control.
2) I want widgets floating on top of the feed, where I can display box scores, latests stats, and other game scores of interest
3) I want to write widgets, preferably with a framework with proven track record, e.g. Android or iPhone (ok that's very unlikely)
4) I want widgets hovering over players' heads, displaying points, rebounds, fouls, etc.  Like old school NBA Live player names + fatigue meter

5) I want those stats completely customizable - I want to know how many minutes Boozer has played vs his typical minutes at this particular time in the game, averaged out for the last 3 seasons.

Did I say simple? Fuck it, just have EA show me all replays with NBA Live.

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