time to re-retire choilaptop (migrating to vps.net)

Comcast changed my IP again (third time already this year I think), and choilaptop has been acting up more frequently... I was trying to decide between linode and vps.net (both $20/mo for comparable entry-level linux vps node) and decided on vps.net after trying their $1/day service.  I wasn't 100% certain on either one being better, but after trying out vps.net for 1 day I was sure this is exactly what I wanted.  So now choibean.com, grizzlypanda.com, coolcurlings.com, odellchoi.com, and lucidtree.com all go through Forever. No more changing A-record on godaddy. Yay!

I haven't really decided what I want to do with the old Dell laptop.  In September, it wil be  exactly 6 years old, so it's passed its life expectancy by 50% already - and I actually used it as my main computer until late-2008 (when I started at Swivel).  The hard disk is going through SMART failure, which is apparently unrecoverable, the wifi doesn't really work, and the battery has been dead for a while... The LCD is fairly new, as it was replaced 3 years ago, so maybe I can do something with it at some point... I thought about hooking it up to an Android device but without a touchscreen that would suck.  For now, shutting it down.  Anyone want a 5.5 year old laptop with a 5-minute battery life?

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