This Indian nutrition fact contains 100% daily value of bullshit

I got a "chikki" from an Indian grocery the other day, it's basically crushed peanuts, sugar, and "liquid glucose".  I noticed something weird in the nutrition facts section - it claimed 35g of saturated fat is 5% of DV, whereas 40g of total fat is 10% DV.  Ignoring the fact that 400g is a shitload of fat*, it still doesn't make sense, since they are essentially claiming that you should get 400g of fat daily, and 700g of that should be saturated!  So I took a side-by-side picture with (American) whole milk, and this is what I got:

Now, it's possible that the 40g is a mistake and they meant 40 calories like it says on top -- but that's also complete bullshit.  Assuming 40 calories, this snack contains 4-5g of fat, which would be around 6-7% of DV - Nowhere near 10%.  Following the same ratio of 40g:35.5g, it should contain about 3-4g of saturated fat, which is 15-20% of DV, not 5% - again bullshit.

Another approach: typically, you can roughly estimate the caloric value with (4.5*Carb + 4*Protein + 9*Fat).  25g of protein + 40g of carbs = 280 calories.  Where the hell does that 568 calories number even come from?  568 - 280 = 288 calories, or about 32 grams of fat.  Wait, this actually might make sense.  But I still call bullshit, because the snack item was brittle, and there is no way this thing contains 50% DV of fat just from peanuts.

My guess is the entire thing was made up and nobody ever bothered to check the math.  Great job, customs!

* It even lists at the bottom 65-80g is the recommended DV!

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