ooh had an earthquake dream last night too

Um, Earthquake Today? [sfist.com]
We're not in the habit of following earthquake prediction websites and such, but we feel like the collective consciousness around town has been buzzing a bit about earthquakes since that little one last week, and this guy at QuakePrediction.com is now really freaking our shit out. He's calling that baby 3.5er a foreshock for "the coming 6.0 to 7.0 earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area July 28."



New job

Started this week at Tapjoy. The work's been fun so far, but one thing has impressed me for sure: Googlers sure know how to run a startup. Free lunch every day, my macbook pro has 8gb of ram and ssd. This should be fun.

is twitter censoring fake steve jobs?

Here's a tweet I retweeted from @ceoSteveJobs:

But where is it in his twitter stream?



switching to blogger

decided to switch from posterous to blogger. feels very old-school. it's improved vastly since the last time i used it (~2004?), but it is definitely still possible to make it very ugly. hopefully i've avoided that here.


Goodbye posterous

Having a "hey everyone, switch to us" campaign is great and all, but the way you're doing it is simply awful.  This isn't "unbridled ambition," this is you guys being a dick.  This is my last post on posterous, I'll be switching to something else this weekend.  It's too bad, posterous was the first half-decent blogging platform I found.