It's alive!

Hooked up Tapjoy virtual goods store and offer wall to Cool Curlings LITE. Now you can upgrade your game all for free!


DailyJS: Hosting Node Apps

(note to self) DailyJS: Hosting Node Apps: "apt-get install sudo vim-nox nginx unzip g screen git-core monit"


Citizen’s guide to fancy pants coffee drinks

Citizen’s guide to fancy pants coffee drinks: "

In the same spirit of the original coffee drink infographic from a few years ago, Plaid Creative describes the perfect pour, or as I like to call it, the citizen's guide to fancy pants coffee drinks. At its root, its a series of pie charts where each wedge represents the percentage of ingredient in a given fancy pants drink. But the subtle stylings make it look so much more delicious, from the pattern fills out to the mug-like border.

[via thisisnthappiness]