Initial thoughts on the G2


  • Good form factor -- the keyboard snaps open/closed easier than on the G1.  The screen is large, but the device itself isn't too much bigger or heavier than the G1.
  • The physical keyboard is bigger and no longer has that bulky thing on the right side like in the G1.
  • ZOMG 4G!! Getting close to 6mbps down on a phone is pretty ridiculous.
  • Swype is pretty cool, but nowhere near good enough to replace the physical keyboard.
  • Battery life seems ok, drained about 20% after 2 hours, but I was re-downloading apps or otherwise using it fairly heavily during this time.
  • (edit) I am loving this "www. / .com" button

  • Bloatware that I can't uninstall. What is this, CompuServe on a Compaq from 1995? (Offenders: Amazon MP3, Photobucket, Web2Go) Once I get CyanogenMod on this baby this won't be a problem any more... which leads me to the biggest con...
  • Rootkit preventing me from rooting my phone. In @cyanogen we believe...
  • Touchscreen still has that "laggy" feeling
  • Keyboard only has 4 rows. I caved in and bought this even though I really wanted a phone with a numeric row...
  • Still no way to screen-capture :(
  • I wish the four physical keys (home, menu, back, search) were physical buttons, instead of glass with haptic feedback.
  • No in-browser SVG support
Et cetera:
The keyboard comes with 3 "quick keys" that you can assign to open apps.  I wish I could map one of these to be another ALT button - there are two already on the phone, but the quick keys are located where the ALT button used to be on my G1. Maybe I'll just get used to this keyboard.

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