4505meats $55 burger

To be fair, it's $55 for 10 patties and basically everything you need to make the burgers with except the grill. I had been sorta kinda following Ryan Farr's blog, and when Richard posted a link to the Best Damn Cheeseburger video, I had to give it a try. 3 bags of chicharrones was $20 extra, and totally worth it. Mouthwateringly good:

Weekend goals #5

  1. done! -- Finish my bort gem and publish it.
  2. oops never got to this -- Work a little more on my html5 game.
  3. or this -- Lift/Scala.


Weekend goals #3

New weekend goals:

  1. Play around with ImpactJS.
  2. Stretch goal #1 Make a Tapjoy plugin
  3. Stretch goal #2 Post a game on Chrome store


this weekend's goal

  1. load a selection of our devices domain on mongodb, just to see how it handles "big data"
  2. erlang
  3. some simple android tablet game
  1. downloaded some data... never played around with it. Maybe this will be my 20% project
  2. got through the first chapter
  3. nope!