Accept my accept-language

I have a pretty simple accept-language setting in Chrome:

Quick check reveals this to be "en-US,ko;q=0.8" and according to the RFC, this is roughly "I prefer American English, but will accept Korean." English has the default quality value of 1, while Korean has 0.8.

But for some reason this is a difficult concept for people:

My guess is either:

  1. the default quality value is being parsed wrong, and English is being assigned q=0 instead of q=1 or
  2. en-US doesn't match en and is being bypassed,
leading the server to believing Korean is my preferred language. To be fair, the RFC does state that "all languages are equally acceptable" but it's still somewhat annoying that my preferred order is being ignored.

Localization is hard.

updated 2014-03-16 18:08:00 UTC

Once I updated the Chrome settings again (with the same order), my accept-language now reads "en-US,en;q=0.8,ko;q=0.6" and everything works "as expected". #2 above was likely the culprit, and at some point between when I last changed language settings and now, Chrome must have fixed this behavior on the header settings.